11 week old female puppy calypso

$ 550
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11 week old female puppy calypso
German Shepard, husky, pit bull mix
12 Week(s)
Puppies are puppies I love her to death and she is so amazing loving and loves to cuddle. But sadly I'm 18 and I need to let her go cause I'm always at work and never have enough time for her ... she deserves a good home and a good family to be with, she's good with all people. She loves playing tug of war and chewing on bacon bone treats they're her favorite , she can be a little funny but cute 24/7 and you won't be able to get enough of her , if you're interested that would be great just doing what's best for her and me she deserves it .
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    I am a breeder that breeds three types of breed namely Shih Tzu .Siberian Husky, and a Pomeranian So for more about any of this in case you wish to have one or two contact me directly at [email protected]
    for more details and picture.
    mooreshella515 / Feb 14, 2018 00:15
  • need a dog

    johnbarban81 / Mar 07, 2018 10:07
  • arnold

    I want the dog
    ashlyn / Apr 14, 2018 15:19
  • ashlyn

    I want a dog I need phone number
    arnold / Apr 14, 2018 15:26
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