Classic Silver Pure Bred Maine Coon

$ 1,000
Reference Number
Classic Silver Pure Bred Maine Coon
Maine Coon
7 Month(s)
NOTE: The price is for the following reasons:
- Maine Coons of this caliber are expensive
- We are not happy to be re-homing our feline daughter (med reasons) so we're not trying to "get rid" of her.
- The price is an automatic filter since those who know Maine's will understand and want this caliber of pet.

About the potential adoptee:
- Female intact (for philosophical reasons regarding normal, healthy growth)
- Flawless coloring and markings
- Nearly unbelievable personality
- Will be with you everywhere and we mean everywhere; she will help you shave, shower, and everything in between
- She will meet you at the door, and sleep next to you at night
- You will NEVER need to look further than a couple feet away to find her
- She loves children and people in general and seeks attention and cuddling
- She weighs in at about 8 lbs already and has nearly 18 months of growth to come
- She is the softest animal you have ever touched
- She eats a grain FREE, mostly organic, and 50% raw food diet
- She is up to date on necessary vaccines (we are not big on every shot and every test but the "required" have been done including negatives for things like feline leukemia).
- She is flawlessly, perfectly healthy with a luster coat and bright eyes
- She loves to play, and thus children are no problem
- She hangs out with our neighbors dog about 100 pounds and seems to care not at all (note: they don't live together obviously)
- She is LEASH TRAINED - yep, she'll will be thrilled to go on a walk with you down the block
- She is an INDOOR cat ONLY (except walks and hanging out on the deck on her leash)
- She will come with all her toys and feeding dishes and leash, etc. and a supply of food if picked up locally.
- She could be flown to someone but the cost would be covered by the buyer.
- She is NOT declawed as we are adamantly opposed to it.
United States
Grand Rapids
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